Chiang Mai is a famous destination among digital nomads. People from all over the world who work online make Northern Thailand their base. Why? Because of the low prices, friendly atmosphere, fast wifi, and… delicious food! This post will be all about Thai cuisine and where to try authentic Thai food in Chiang Mai.

The dishes from Northern Thailand are quite different from other parts of the country. The cuisine is influenced by neighboring Myanmar and Laos. Your Thailand trip won’t be complete without visiting Chiang Mai and trying the mouthwatering Lanna dishes.


Morning Glory Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

Even though it’s not difficult to find vegetarian food in Thailand, it may not be that easy to eat something outstanding. Morning Glory is a place that everyone can enjoy, even the meat lovers.


Morning Glory Thai Vegetarian Restaurant & Home Cookery Classes
Delicious fruit smoothies anyone?

They serve traditional Thai food in vegetarian or vegan options. You can also get there delicious, fresh and healthy fruit shakes. The prices are a bit higher than in other restaurants but it’s still cheap there. Morning Glory’s food is definitely worth a price.


Grazie Thai Local Food

The name tells it all- if you want to try authentic Thai food in Chiang Mai, Grazie should be your first choice. Not only the dishes are delicious and the prices are low but also the atmosphere of this local restaurant is amazing.


Coconut Thai Soup Chiang Mai
Traditional coconut soup

Once you go there you will want to come back every day, to try something new. Be sure to order coconut soup and fried rice, the dishes that Thailand is famous for.


Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

It’s not the Chiang Mai restaurant but it is still a place where you can try authentic Thai food. Every evening, there is a show at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. Not only you will have a chance to eat something delicious but also see the traditional Khantoke dances and customs.


Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center
Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

They have halal and vegetarian options available for dinner, so going there is a nice idea to spend an unforgettable evening in Chiang Mai for everyone.


Pakorn’s Kitchen

If you are a fan of Thai curry, head to Pakorn’s Kitchen. You won’t be disappointed! They serve arguably the best green, red and massaman curry in Northern Thailand. The prices are affordable, so this restaurant is good to have a lunch or dinner even for the budget travelers.


Traditional thai curry Chiang Mai
Traditional green curry

Parkorn’s Kitchen is where you can try different kinds of Thai food, not only curry, including morning glory, sweet basil chicken, and more.


Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai

The list of Chiang Mai food to try won’t be complete without mentioning… fried insects! One of the places you can buy them is Saturday Night Market. You can choose from different deep-fried worms, including beetles, grasshoppers, and larvae.


fried insects chiang mai thailand
Yes, fried insects are a thing in Thailand

The famous night market in Chiang Mai is huge, so it’s a great place to try other dishes. You can buy there pad thai, freshly squeezed juices, fruit shakes, waffles, ice creams, grilled meat, fish, rice dishes, and even sushi.


Maya Food Court

Located inside the MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center, one of the biggest malls in Chiang Mai, the food court is a great alternative for those who don’t feel comfortable trying street food at the night market.


Traditional Thai food presentation chiang mai
Delicious Thai food

You can try cheap, authentic Thai food in Chiang Mai inside the comfortable, air-conditioned shopping mall. Surprisingly, the prices of dishes are similar to those on the walking street. The food at Maya Food Court is diversified, so even vegans will find something for themselves there.


Thai Food in Chiang Mai

Even though the list of Chiang Mai food and restaurants could go on and on, the places that you can see above are enough to try authentic Northern Thai cuisine. Food is a huge part of Siam culture, so your trip to Thailand should be filled with trying different dishes every time you have a chance.


night market food stalls chiang mai
Street food is delicious in Thailand

Don’t be afraid to dine on the street! Thai people are really clean and they do care about hygiene, especially when they are cooking. Street food is a big part of Thai cuisine, so be sure to buy something from the local vendor, at least once. You won’t be disappointed!

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