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Sat, April 19, 2025 – Sat, April 26, 2025



Sat, May 24, 2025 – Sat, May 31, 2025



Sat, July 12, 2025 – Sat, July 19, 2025



Sat, August 16, 2025 – Sat, August 23, 2025



Sat, September 13, 2025 – Sat, September 20, 2025




Where We Go

Peru group travel sacred valley map

Machu Picchu


Moray & Maras



Rainbow Mountain

Places Visited

  • Town of Ollantaytambo
  • Moray Inca Ruins
  • Maras Salt Mines
  • Town of Aguas Calientes
  • Pisac Ruins & Marketplace
  • Machu Picchu
  • City of Cusco
  • Rainbow Mountain


  • Exploring Machu Picchu – one of the New Seven Wonders of the World – and many other impressive Inca sites and structures
  • Hiking 17,000 feet above sea level to the top of the beautiful Rainbow Mountain
  • Enjoying delicious traditional Peruvian cuisine such as Lomo Saltado
  • Learning about the Incas and their impressive engineering feats and accomplishments
  • Hanging out with alpacas – no big deal
  • Free time to explore Cusco

Trip Inclusions

Trip Rankings

Physical Intensity
Free Time
Medium Low
Partying / Nightlife
Culture / History
Medium High
Food / Cuisine

Flight Information

Airfare is not included in the price of our Peru group tour. When purchasing airfare please do so as follows:

  • Arrival: Fly into Cusco (airport code: CUZ) by 11:30am on the first day
  • Departure: Fly from Cusco (airport code: CUZ) at anytime on the final day

Is This Peru Tour Right for You?

  • The entirety of this trip occurs in the Sacred Valley region of Peru which is high in altitude. If you are worried about altitude sickness we recommend consulting your doctor or local travel clinic to discuss possible altitude sickness medication.
  • The pace of life in Peru can be slow. For example, it’s not uncommon to wait for a while (over an hour) at a restaurant for your food. Patience is very important when visiting Peru.

Frequently Asked Questions

The group leader on this Peru group tour will be a local from Peru. His/her job is to ensure the safety and well being of everyone on the trip and, of course, to show everyone the most amazing time ever! Since there is a strong cultural component for this trip your local Peruvian group leader will also be educating you on the culture, history and customs of Peru (specifically the Incas). If your group leader is a licensed Peruvian guide then he/she will also lead the tours (of the Inca sites) on days 2, 3 and 5; otherwise a local licensed guide will be lead the tours (of the Inca sites) on those days.

A passport is required for this Peru trip. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity (from the time you leave Peru). If you hold a U.S. passport you will not need a visa for entry to Peru as long as you are not staying more than 90 days.

You will be staying in boutique, independently owned 3 star hotels (4 nights) and a 2 star hotel/B&B (3 nights) for the duration of this Peru group travel trip. The hotels are all clean, safe and in central locations. In Ollantaytambo you will stay just a 5 minute walk from the central Plaza de Armas, in Aguas Calientes you will stay in the center of the town and in Cusco you are centrally located being just a 10 minute walk away from Plaza de Armas.

In order to budget properly please consider the following items which are not included in this Peru group trip:

  • Meals: You are responsible for 6 lunches and 5 dinners. Budget around $225 for meals not included.
  • Tipping
    • Local drivers, guides and restaurant staff: Tipping is not compulsory but can make a big difference to individuals in the local hospitality industry in Peru. Therefore, we recommend budgeting around $50 for these services.
    • Group leader: Tipping your group leader is completely discretionary. For outstanding service you may consider tipping your group leader ~$10/day.
  • Travel insurance: Travel insurance covering our minimum requirements ($100k+ in medical coverage including emergency evacuation) is compulsory for all participants. Budget anywhere from $50 to $130 for travel insurance (from a 3rd party) depending on your specific coverage inclusions.

The single room supplement on this Peru group tour is $499. You will be able to select your preference for a single room supplement when filling out the application. If you are applying for this trip within 3 months of the departure please contact us for single room availability before applying.

Your group leader will be waiting for you at the airport in Cusco! Upon meeting your group leader he/she will get you set up with your airport transfer. After arriving in Ollantaytambo you will have free time until around 6pm upon which you will meet the group in the lobby of the hotel. Then you will walk to a nearby spot for drinks/dinner as you begin to get to know one another! While you will not physically meet your group mates until the evening of the first day you will be in contact with everyone well ahead of time in the group WhatsApp chat and, in addition, we will provide you with everyone’s traveler bios so you’ll already know each other a little before physically meeting!

On day 6 (in Cusco) you will have the opportunity to tailor the trip to your style by selecting an optional excursion. You will be able to select the optional excursion during the application process and, after, you’ll be sent an invoice to pay.


  • ATVing: $130
  • Paragliding: $150
  • Cooking Class: $70


You can read more about the optional excursions here.

We recommend bringing a combination of cash and credit/ATM card (assuming your credit card does not have foreign transaction fees). You will be able to use a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at many shops and restaurants in Peru but local markets will be a cash only affair.

You may bring any size luggage that you wish.

Yes, you will have WiFi access at all the hotels and most restaurants. Please note the WiFi signal in the hotels can be spotty at times due to the area (especially in Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes).

In Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes the nightlife options are very chill with your only options being restaurants and bars. In Cusco there are more nightlife options such as clubs, dives, and pisco sour bars. The decision to go out at night or not is completely up to you!

Our Peru group travel tour occurs in the Sacred Valley region of Peru where you will experience elevations ranging from ~9,000 to ~11,000 feet above sea level (and even up to 17,000 feet above sea level on the Rainbow Mountain hike). Therefore, if you’ve never been in a high altitude environment before we recommend consulting your doctor to see if high altitude medication might be a good fit for you. Please note this Peru trip begins in Ollantaytambo (~9,000 feet above sea level) and not Cusco (~11,000 feet above sea level) where you have 3 nights to acclimate to the environment.

There is light hiking on day 2 and day 3 which is not very physically strenuous aside from the fact these light hikes occur in high altitude. The hiking day at Machu Picchu (day 5) is medium difficulty and individuals that do not regularly participate in physical activity at home might find it difficult. Lastly, the Rainbow Mountain hike (day 7) is considered difficult especially given the fact that it occurs in the highest altitude on this trip (17,000+ feet above sea level). Of course you can skip any of the hikes if you do not feel comfortable doing them but we encourage you to try!

You will need proper hiking gear (clothes), hiking shoes, and a light hiking day backpack for this Peru group trip. Layers are key! We will provide you with a detailed list of everything you need to bring once you join the trip.

Peru Group Travel Itinerary

  • It all starts today on your amazing Peru group travel trip! Today you’ll arrive in Cusco in the morning upon which you’ll be taken to Ollantaytambo, our home base for the next three nights. The Sacred Valley is located at a high altitude (9,000+ feet above sea level) so we’ll take it easy for the rest of today as we get acclimated to the elevation change.


  • Taking it easy involves getting to know your fellow trip mates, of course, so we’ll kick off the bonding process with our first group dinner over Peruvian food. Note: Peruvian food is delicious – you’ve officially been warned.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: B&B in Ollantaytambo (double occupancy)
  • Transportation: Private airport transfer from CUZ to B&B in Ollantaytambo
  • Meals: Dinner
  • We’ll be picked up at our hotel in the morning and head towards the cute town of Chinchero. Chinchero offers a wonderful display of Inca architecture, ruins and megalithic carved rocks. Next we’ll head to the fascinating display of terraces in Moray. Moray, made by the Incas, boasts three amphitheater-like terraces which are carved deep into the earth in a bowl shape, thought to be used to determine the optimal conditions for growing crops. Then we’ll head to the salt mines of Maras, a village known as a former salt-producing center, thought to date back to pre-Inca times. There are over 3,000 salt pools carved into the mountain side, being filled daily by a little stream of water. It’s truly an impressive site (check out the picture). After taking an (insane) amount of pictures we’ll head back to town and grab lunch and have some free time to explore the town of Ollantaytambo a bit further.


  • There’s nothing “official” planned tonight but relaxing at a local bar seems like a lovely idea.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: B&B in Ollantaytambo (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transportation: Private transportation during the tour
  • Activities: Tours of Moray, Maras and Chinchero
  • Other: Entrance fees to all sites visited
  • Today we’ll explore the Sacred Valley region a bit more. The Sacred Valley was a key area of settlement to the Incas; it’s a combination of agreeable climate and fertile plains bestowing an unusual abundance for the high Andes. After breakfast we’ll start our day in our own backyard by exploring Ollantaytambo. Ollantaytambo is a town of important Inca construction built during the Inca’s heydays (in the ruins you’ll find an amazing rock formation representing the Inca god Wiracocha – it’s pretty cool). After some light hiking we’ll get picked up and head towards a famous point known as El Mirador (Lookout Point) where you can see the entire Sacred Valley and learn about the Incas’ history. We’ll then proceed to the ruins of Pisac where we’ll learn about different aspects of Inca culture, after which we’ll then visit the town of Pisac (and the famous Pisac market). Lastly, after lunch, we’ll drive along the Urubamba River to a local community for a fascinating textile presentation complete with the communities’ local alpaca residents. Yes, alpaca selfies are encouraged.


  • What better way to conclude an amazing day of Inca exploration than another delicious dinner? That was rhetorical. Group dinner numero 3. Good stuff.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: B&B in Ollantaytambo (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Activities: Tours of Pisac and Ollantaytambo
  • Transportation: Private transportation all day
  • Other: Entrance fees to all sites visited
  • This morning we’ll take it easy and rest up a bit as we prep for our afternoon departure to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu. We’ll head to the train station and board the train which will take us to Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu. The train ride is a special, fun experience with large windows that allow you to appreciate the incredible scenery as we follow the Urubamba River.
    Simply put, you’re going to love this ride!


  • Tonight, in Aguas Calientes, grab some din and take it easy before an early night’s rest (as tomorrow will be an early day, but well worth it).


Daily Inclusions:

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Aguas Calientes (double occupancy)
  • Transportation: Train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes
  • How often can you wake up and say “I’m about to see one of the New Seven Wonders of the world”. Well, that’s about to happen today as we hit up Machu Picchu! Our day starts early as we attempt to beat the crowds at Machu Picchu, the citadel of the Inca Empire, hidden away high in the mountains. This once-great fortress was built in the 15th century and abandoned nearly 100 years later with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. You’ll have the morning to explore this amazing site with fellow group mates as you wish – selfie taking is highly encouraged.


  • The day was long, but beyond rewarding, and there’s no better way to wind down than over a chill night. For the record, Cusco is a fun and lively city so those of you who can’t wait to hit the night scene until tomorrow will find yourselves venturing out at night.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Cusco (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Activities: Machu Picchu
  • Transportation: Round trip bus to/from Machu Picchu, train from Aguas Calientes to Cusco
  • Other: Machu Picchu entrance fee
  • Today is a free day to spend as you wish in Cusco. You could explore the famous Cathedral of Cusco, take in the local cuisine via the San Pedro market or a cooking class, or explore the art scene and the many artisan shops featuring paintings, local goods and crafts! Or, if you want a more lively adventure, you could go ATVing in the beautiful Cusco countryside or paragliding over the Sacred Valley. Decisions, decisions.


  • This evening we’ll meet back up for some dinner and a night out in this fun city. Pisco shots anyone?


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Cusco (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast


Optional Excursions:

  • Paragliding: $150
  • Cooking class: $70
  • ATVing: $130


You can read more about the optional excursions here.

  • Today we’ll take on the most difficult (but of course most rewarding) hike of the trip – the stunning Rainbow Mountain! We’ll start our day very early and drive to the base of Vinicunca (as the Rainbow Mountain is known locally) where we’ll embark on the hike that will take us over a valley, across snow topped mountains and finally to a point 17,000 feet above sea level where you’ll witness the multi-colored mountain top! We’ll take in all the stunning views before making our way back down to the base and the drive back to Cusco.


  • After arriving back in Cusco you’ll have some free time this afternoon to do last minute souvenir shopping or rest after the epic hike earlier.


  • Tonight we’ll end our trip in Peru properly. First, a farewell group dinner with Peruvian food. After dinner our night continues as we’ll head out to a beautiful bar, called the Pisco museum, with a menu full of uniquely infused Pisco liqueurs and great live music! But, let’s be honest, our night won’t end there – Cusco’s nightlife is oh-so-fun.


Daily Inclusions:


  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Cusco (double occupancy)
  • Activities: Rainbow Mountain hike
  • Transportation: Private transportation to/from Rainbow Mountain from/to Cusco hotel
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Today, sadly, is your last on our Peru group travel trip for young professionals. While you will be going home today the experience on the trip and friendships made will last a lifetime! You’re free to depart from Cusco at any time today.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transportation: Transfer from hotel in Cusco to airport
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