About Us

Travendly is a group travel company exclusively for young professionals. Our company is equally focused between providing an amazing trip experience as well as the participants on each trip. We use the power of group travel to create meaningful new relationships and friendships. All our trips are geared towards the working young adult in the U.S.: our trips are short (all our trips range in duration from 5 days to 11 days), are planned around U.S. holidays and the weekends (to minimize vacation day usage) and offer fun experiences that young adults like yourself will enjoy!

Our Story

Let’s face it – we work a lot in the U.S. and are all in need of a well earned vacation every now and then. But, as we enter our ‘young adult’ age (25 to early 40s), it becomes increasing difficult to coordinate vacations with friends as the ‘excuses’ seem to pile up or, simply, schedules are more difficult to align. So it comes down to traveling solo or join a group trip which is where we come in. As working young adults it takes a lot of time to plan a trip and, further, it can be a more fun experience to travel with other like minded people around the same age! Hence, Travendly (created from combining ‘Travel’ and ‘Friendly’) was born: you get to take that hard earned vacation, do not have to do any pre-planning and still get the social aspect of traveling with others around your age and in your stage in life! Plus, you might come away from a vacation with new friends and connections. It’s winning all around.

We encourage you to give a Travendly trip a try. It only requires you to kick back, relax, see amazing things and meet new people!

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