About Us

Travendly is a group travel company exclusively for young professionals. Our company is equally focused on providing an amazing trip experiences as well as the participants on each trip. We use the power of group travel to create meaningful new relationships and friendships. Through a short application process you’ll tell us a little about yourself and your reasons for wanting to join us on a trip. We use this information to create the groups, ensuring maximum compatibility with fellow trip mates.


Our Story

Like many young professionals working in the U.S. Jon Jaffe, our founder, was in need of a well earned vacation not having left his cubicle chair for more than a long weekend in over a year. When Jon started asking his friends to go on a vacation with him he quickly realized just how hard it would be to coordinate schedules with fellow hard working young professionals. So it came down to traveling solo or join an existing travel group but he wanted the social aspect of traveling with others so he began researching current travel group offerings. Three things quickly became apparent. First, there were no existing travel companies that catered to the working U.S. young professional. Jon could only take off a week at most and there were limited offerings for a trip of such a duration (or even shorter). Second, most of the travel companies took participants of all ages. Traveling with someone 30 years his senior didn’t seem ideal to Jon as he thought it would be hard for them to relate on a personal level. Third, and most importantly, none of the existing travel companies prescreened participants on their trips. Jon was about to use a third of his vacation days and spend several thousand dollars – what if the people on his trip were crazy?


Given these unaddressed aspects of group travel the idea of Travendly (created from combining ‘Travel’ and ‘Friendly’) was born – a group travel company catering exclusively to the U.S. young working professional while ensuring the participants on each trip are compatible. Travel to a beautiful, exotic country with a group of like minded young professionals of similar ages and an ordinary trip easily turns into extraordinary.

We encourage you to give a Travendly trip a try. It only requires you to kick back, relax, see amazing things and meet new people!

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