So you booked a trip to Morocco? Excellent! Prepare to be swept away by the country’s colorful culture, diverse geography, and flavorful food scene.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to wear in Morocco, it really depends on where you’re going within the country and what time of year you’ll be there. Keep in mind that Morocco is a Muslim country, and it’s important to dress respectfully. So if you’re feeling a little confused about what to pack for a trip to Morocco — don’t stress. Here’s our complete Morocco packing list.


Destinations and Seasons in Morocco


In order to create the best packing list, we’ll need to talk about destinations and seasons in Morocco. The country is filled with cities, beaches, desert, and mountains — so it might feel like you need to pack everything. It helps to create a packing list for Morocco focused around when and where you’re visiting.

The weather in coastal cities, such as Casablanca and Rabat, is similar to South Florida — summer temperatures year-round. If you visit the Moroccan coast during winter months, temperatures rarely drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Heading to the coast in the summer? It should be about 77 degrees Fahrenheit, on average.


Camels in the desert
Pack layers as it gets hot during the day and cold at night

As you travel inland to the cities of Volubilis and Fez, temperatures tend to be more extreme. During the summer months of May to September, temperatures will range between 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In extreme cases, it can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months of December to March, you’ll find daily temperatures of about 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that temperatures will drop as the sun goes down in this northern region. Brrrrr!

The further you get from the Western and Mediterranean coast — to areas such as the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains — the more extreme weather you’ll find. Think sweltering heat during the day and frigid cold at night. It is the desert, after all.


Atlas Mountains Morocco packing list
Beautiful Atlas Mountains in Morocco

The Atlas Mountains in the north are generally chilly year round. It’s a comfortable temperature during the summer months and seriously cold during the winter.

The south of Morocco, home to Marrakesh and Ait Benhaddou, will give you temperatures of about 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. And daily temperatures of about 97 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.

The best time of year to visit Morocco is Spring (April to May) and Fall (September to November) when the climate is mild (aka, not too hot, not too cold). Now that you’re up to speed on the average climate of Morocco, this should help you figure out what to pack for Morocco in the summer and what to pack for Morocco in the winter.


What to Pack for Morocco: Women


A packing list for women traveling to Morocco should include loose-fitting clothes, shawls, and sandals. Remember those elephant pants you purchased in Southeast Asia? It’s time to break them out because it’ll be super convenient to wear in North Africa.

Keep in mind that there is an unofficial dress code for women who travel to Morocco. Women should dress modestly by covering their shoulders and legs. It’s respectful to local customs as Morocco a Muslim country and a way to avoid unwanted attention.


Traditional Moroccan Dress
Dress modestly as Morocco is a Muslim country

Think loose-fitting pants, breathable long sleeves and T-shirts, ankle-length dresses, maxi skirts, and kimonos. Those items are all very appropriate to wear in Morocco. There’s also a ton of great hiking in Morocco — especially around the Atlas Mountains and Todgha Gorge. Pack hiking gear, such as sneakers, leggings, and quick drying shirts. It’s best to avoid cotton as it’s heavy and absorbs moisture.

Don’t forget a pair of closed toe shoes for walking around during the winter. A pair of comfortable sandals are perfect during the warmer months.


What to Pack for Morocco: Men


It’s not as important that men dress conservatively in Morocco, but it’s still respectful. When creating a packing list for Morocco, think loose-fitting long pants and breathable T-shirts. Leave the tank tops at home as you want to try to keep your shoulders covered.


Souk Market
Loose-fitting, breathable clothes are smart to pack for a trip to Morocco

Don’t wear shorts if you know you’ll be visiting a religious sight. You either won’t get in or you’ll be asked to cover up. Otherwise, it’s okay to wear shorts.

Jeans are fine to wear, but it’ll be hot in the summer. And, of course, don’t forget to pack comfortable walking shoes.


Other Essential Items for Both Men and Women


For both men and women traveling to Morocco, you’ll want to pack hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, anti-bacterial wipes, bug spray, toiletries, portable charger, and a first aid kit. The sun has no mercy in Africa and the bugs are pests. It’s also smart to bring anti-diarrheal medicine as you never know how you’ll react to the food.

Pack layers as it gets hot during the day and cold at night. A zip-up jacket or sweater is handy for when it gets chilly. Bring a light scarf for the cold. It will also be useful to keep sand out of your face when you visit the Sahara.

It’s a good idea to bring a light rain jacket if you’re visiting Morocco during winter and spring. The north part of the country sees a fair bit of rainfall during those seasons.


Moroccan Pool
Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit as many accommodations have pools

Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit! Most hotels in Morocco have colorful swimming pools for cooling off after a long day in the sun.


Leave at Home


Leave all the bling-bling at home. Designer handbags and flashy jewelry might make you a target for pickpocketing or scams. When you travel to foreign places, it’s always best to try to blend in with the locals.


Try to blend in with the locals

It’s best not to pack revealing tops, spaghetti straps, and short shorts. That type of fashion isn’t exactly appropriate in Morocco. While you’re at it, leave the heels at home — rather, embrace chic sandals if you do decide to go out at night.

Now that you have a Morocco packing list, what are you waiting for? Get out there and flaunt your best Moroccan style.

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