Cusco, Peru is famous for its cobblestone streets, ornate colonial architecture, and lively plazas, and offers something for every kind of traveler. After you are done exploring the city and have worked up an appetite, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of diverse restaurants that Cusco offers. Out of any city in Peru, Cusco has the best restaurant options for vegetarians and vegans that serves traditional Peruvian dishes with a veggie twist. Even if you are a carnivore, you’ll be amazed by the ample amount of vegetarian restaurants in Cusco that provide fresh, high-quality, and delicious healthy food!


Breakfast views Cusco
There are plenty of picturesque restaurant views in Cusco

Greens Organic

One of the most well-known restaurants in Cusco is Greens Organic, which is located on the top floor of a colonial house that was restored to its former glory. Not only does this restaurant provide great food, but it also provides great views of the Plaza de Armas as well! The menu is varied and they have choices for every diet from Vegan to meat eaters. Everything on the menu is 80 to 100 percent organic and is labeled clearly on the menu. According to their website, most ingredients are grown from their own organic garden in the Sacred Valley or sourced from local farmers. Highlights from their menu include their fresh salads, meat-free sandwiches, soups.


Delicious fresh vegetarian food Cusco
Fresh salad deliciousness

Their garden salad is garnished with tomatoes, avocado, grilled mushrooms, corn, local cheese, carrots, green beans, and baby potatoes mixed with crisp greens and served with a basil vinaigrette. Another highlight is their African curry, cooked with seasonal vegetables like sweet potato or red beans. The curry sauce is made with ginger, cumin, garlic, and lemon chili with a splash of coconut milk for a mild spicy and creamy flavor. Their vibrant atmosphere combined with quality service for the staff, this restaurant will be sure to be on the top of your list and you’ll probably be a repeat customer.


Green Point

Another popular restaurant is Green Point. They offer a menu of the day, a set menu that features with a salad, soup, main course, drink and dessert at an affordable price!
They offer traditional Peruvian dishes and international dishes with generous portions that are healthy without losing flavor and quality.


Greenpoint restaurant Cusco Peru
Rocoto cusqueño

For dinner, try the Tacu Tacu, a dish made with refried beans and rice seasoned with Andean spices, accompanied with fried bananas and mushrooms, presented beautifully. The atmosphere of this restaurant is cozy and intimate. This unique restaurant also offers cooking classes and next door they also offer health and food products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.



Located a short walk from the Plaza de Armas, Organika is a small restaurant featuring original recipes that focuses on organic and local ingredients. The menu, while it may be small, packs in flavor using local Andean ingredients for farm to table freshness. They also offer meat options, but their vegan and vegetarian dishes are the highlight here and shouldn’t be missed.


Edible flowers in salad Cusco
Delicious edible flowers

They have a wide variety of colorful salads, some which include over twenty greens, lettuces, and vegetables, beautifully decorated with edible flowers. For something more filling, try the quinoa risotto, or “quinotto” for a rich and creamy mouthwatering dish.


Govinda Lila

For a truly authentic experience that is off the beaten path, try a more local restaurant at one of the markets. Once labeled by guidebooks as Cusco’s “best kept secret,” Govinda Lila is a food stall located in San Blas Market. This hidden gem is well worth searching for, with meals at around a few dollars. Govinda Lila serves a multi-course lunch that changes daily, based on what’s available in the market.


Govinda Lila restaurant Cusco
Delicious gnocchi and empanadas

Mains might include delicious spinach empanadas, with rice or lentils, pumpkin stew, and salad that will leave feeling full and satisfied. An added perk is that you can explore this local market afterwards and try the fresh juices vendors if you aren’t too full. This restaurant is the perfect excuse to practice your Spanish!


Chia Vegan Kitchen

One of the newest additions to Cusco’s restaurant scene is Chia Vegan Kitchen, found in the central historical district of Cusco. This restaurant offers dozens of options with a palatable selection of salads, soups, main dishes and desserts. The Massaman curry is highly recommended, as is the strogonoff with quinoa, a delicious combination of mushrooms, seitan and vegetables.


Chia Vegan Kitchen restaurant Cusco
Their quinoa burger is delish

Their slogan is “Eat consciously drink happily” and many guests rave about this incredible and eco-conscious restaurant. Also try the national cocktail called a Pisco Sour that Peru is famous for, which can also be made as a vegan version without the egg white!


The Shaman Restaurant

The Shaman Restaurant is one of the most unique vegetarian restaurants in Cusco. They serve nutritious raw, vegan, and vegetarian options based on an ancient shamanic food practices that honor the environment and mother earth. The entire restaurant has a cosy and inviting environment and is found off the main street in Cusco. The dining area is also unique given that there is a large shared community table so you’ll be able to meet other diners easily.


Sharman Restaurant Cusco
Avocado salad anyone?

The menu of the day usually offers a fresh salad, a creamy soup, a main to choose from, and paired with a power drink made from maize called a chicha. Other noteworthy dishes include stuffed potato or a vegetable omelet with quinoa. Every dish is appetizing, regulars highly recommend the raw food such as power salads with raw vegetables tossed with seeds and nuts.


Prasada the Vegan Temple

If you are missing the taste of home, try Prasada The Vegan Temple. This simple cafe looks more similar to a yoga studio than a restaurant, with low tables and cushions for seating. The affordable menu and the large fresh fruit juices (in any combination that you can think of) are the standouts here.


Prasada The Vegan Temple Restaurant Cusco
Falafel goodness overload

They specialize in veggie burgers, tacos, falafel, soups, poke bowls, and meatless sandwiches. Try the veggie burger made from lentil patties served on a fresh ciabatta bun, loaded with toppings and sauces.

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