You’ve checked off every item on your packing list, polled family members/friends/strangers on their favorite to-do’s, made arrangements with your neighbors, and triple-checked all of your travel documents. You’re ready to go, right? But wait, what about your phone? Before you jet off or hop into the car, make sure you clear space for all those Instagram-worthy snapshots you’re sure to take and download all the apps you’ll need. Below are our 4 of the best travel apps for offline access — no network needed! (Just remember to download and turn on offline settings first!)


Best travel apps HereWego

HERE WeGo — City navigation & Offline maps

Although Google Maps is a popular choice for many travelers, the option to download offline maps is limited and are set to expire every 30 days. This requires a user to connect online to update the map again before time runs out. Google also doesn’t offer offline map support in areas like Havana, Cuba, one of Travendly’s destinations, due to contractual and other reasons. HERE WeGo (formerly Here Maps) is a great alternative that offers the ability to download entire city maps offline before you travel that won’t expire. You may recognize the maps in HERE WeGo since the same technology also powers Microsoft’s Bing Maps, but the company is now a subsidiary of Nokia. HERE WeGo offers detailed navigation options, whether you want to drive, walk, ride your bike, take public transit, or share a car ride. Other useful features include turn-by-turn voice navigation, highlighted attractions nearby, and live traffic updates if you are able to connect to a network, as well.

Download HEREWeGo: Android, iPhone


Best travel apps Pocket

Pocket — Save Articles and Videos to View Later

Perfect for bookmarking online articles and web pages, Pocket lets you download content ahead of time so you can read your favorite travel blogs and websites anytime. Plus, it’s great for saving any light reading so you’ll always have something to do while you’re waiting for a bus, taxi, or plane. You can customize your reading view in Pocket by adjusting the font face and size, switching between light and dark themes, and toggling page flipping animation. The tag feature gives you an easy way to organize saved content by destination (e.g. Greece), topic (Must-See’s), or any other category you can think of. Make sure you download Pocket as its one of the best travel apps around.

Download Pocket: Android, iPhone, Other Mobile Phones


Best travel apps XECurrency

XE Currency

Whether you want to exchange cash before you go or determine if you’re getting a good deal or not, a currency converter app like XE Currency can help you stay on track with your travel budget. Once you download the app, make sure to open it so the app downloads the latest conversion rates. When you’re offline, the app will use the most recent data so you can still get a good estimate before you make a purchase.

Download XE Currency: Android, iPhone, Other Mobile Phones


Best travel apps First Aid

First Aid by American Red Cross

Hopefully, you’ll never encounter a medical emergency while on your next trip but accidents can happen so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for any unexpected events. The American Red Cross has multiple mobile apps but their First Aid app is a reliable travel companion to have on hand. The app works offline since the information, including how-to videos, checklists, and step-by-step guides, is already preloaded. In the United States, the app will automatically connect to 911 if you select an emergency option and you can also identify the closest hospitals near your current location making it one of the best travel apps in the case of an emergency.

Download First Aid: Android, iPhone

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