Technology is everywhere, including our frequent or in-frequent vacations. While we may be traveling to escape the work emails, client phone calls, or evenings gathered around the television, we shouldn’t cancel out all forms of technology when leaving on a trip. As much as we like to believe we’re not dependent on our tech travel accessories, they do make our lives a lot easier. Whether we’re needing to find the best restaurant in town, locate our lost luggage, or sleep soundly through the night, there’s a wide variety of situations or occurrences that are mitigated by using the best travel gadgets out there.

For individuals traveling both within their own country or on an international trip, there are many benefits to be gained from bringing along the right tools. To those that are a little more old school, and not sure which technology tools they should be packing, no worries! We’re here to let you in on the top seven tech travel accessories you shouldn’t leave home without packing.


1. Portable Battery

Otherwise known as a power bank, these are a staple and one of the must-have tech travel accessories. Between running from one excursion to the next and having your phone out for pictures, the batteries on our mobile devices can wither away quickly. Luckily, you’re never without your portable battery to quickly charge your device (this can work with any device that uses a USB charger).


Universal portable charger
Universal portable battery

We recommend the MOPHIE power bank, as it holds a significant amount of power (up to multiple chargers – to juice up different devices).


2. International Travel Adapter

An oversight by many when traveling internationally, is not knowing there’s a difference in electric outlets. Unless you’re staying at an upscale hotel or resort, the likely hood of the walls having a universal jack or supplying guests with adapters is minimal.


Travel adapter
Travel adapter for global travelers is a must

Quality matters when it comes to picking out your outlet adapter, and that’s why we recommend the EPIKA. Earning its place as one of the best travel gadgets, it comes with four USB outlets in additional to the traditional American outlet. It’s also lightweight, easy to use, and secures on the wall firmly.


3. Travel Gear (and Luggage) With Tech Multi-Tools

Who knew, travel gear like luggage can also be one of the must-have tech travel accessories? Now, there’s an option to purchase carry-ons, backpacks, or checked luggage that comes with multi-tech tools. Some options include a USB port (for easy portable charging), or even a sim-card replacement tool. This way, during a long train or layover, you’re not struggling trying to rummage through your bag or find a nearby outlet.


Hardshell luggage
If you’re checking a bag make sure you’re using hardshell luggage

For backpacks, we recommend the XD Design, for it’s accessible USB port and anti-theft material. For carry-on and checked luggage, we recommend the Victorinox hard-shell cases for their multiple tech tools and lightweight material.


4. Bluetooth Headphones

Cords are never fun to mess with, that’s why we got so excited about wireless charging. So make things easier on yourself when you travel and opt in for Bluetooth (wireless) headphones. Making it easy to listen to music, tv, or movies from your laptop or mobile device, you’ll say goodbye to traditional headphones and cords forever.


Bluetooth headphones
Don’t forget bluetooth headphones

We recommend the Bose Quiet Comfort headphones, not only do they produce great quality sound, but they cancel outside noise.


5. VPN

Standing for virtual private network, VPN is a great tool and one of the top tech travel accessories for those who may have to work while vacationing. When traveling out of the country, many websites are blocked or forbidden to outside IP addresses for safety reasons, a VPN will secure your browsers and convert your IP into an American based location. Best of all, it doesn’t take up any space in your luggage and is completely done over the web.


VPN travel blog
Connecting through your home’s IP address can make working remotely easier

We recommend Tunnel Bear, not only because of its reliability – but the first initial GB is free to use.


6. Sim Card Tool Kit

If traveling internationally, we highly recommend talking to your telecom provider to see what your phone service coverage plan looks like. In the case it’s too expensive, you may be looking to swap out sim cards upon arrival. While traditionally not a tech tool, a sim card tool kit is one of the best travel gadgets to help swap out one chip for the other.


Sim card tool kit
Sim Card Tools

Try purchasing a sim card toolkit that not only comes with an eject tool pin, but storage place for your existing and new sim cards. *For an interesting hack, and those not looking to spend extra money on a tool-kit, earring posts can double as an eject tool pin.


7. A Tile Mate

Traditionally, a helpful tool for forgetful individuals who misplace their keys, phone, or wallet, Tile Mates can also be one of the best tech travel accessories. By utilizing a Tile Mate, you can keep an eye on your checked bag and avoid the possible potential of the airline losing your luggage.

Tile Mate Sport
A Tile Mate Sport

As Tile Mates utilize bluetooth on your mobile device, you’re alerted when the bag is in or out of range, an easy monitor to see if your bag made it (or not) under the plane.

Elizabeth Blasi Bio
Elizabeth Blasi

Having ventured to 53 countries (and counting), Elizabeth’s work can be seen in publications like: Fodors Travel, We Are Travel Girls, and YourTango (among others). Making it her life’s goal to explore unique and desired destinations, she makes it a priority to share her findings with her readers.

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