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Wed, October 19, 2022 – Mon, October 24, 2022


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Wed, April 19, 2023 – Mon, April 24, 2023



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Where We Go

Portugal 6 day map


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Sintra and Cascais

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Douro Valley (Optional)

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Places Visited

  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Sintra
  • Cascais
  • Douro Valley (Optional)


  • Exploring mystical Sintra and its 15th century National Palace
  • Sampling all the delicious Portuguese food on a food tour in Porto
  • Wandering the streets of Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in Western Europe
  • Experiencing traditional Fado music in Lisbon
  • Free time to explore Porto and Lisbon

Trip Inclusions

Trip Rankings

Physical Intensity
Medium Low
Free Time
Medium Low
Culture / History
Medium Low
Food / Cuisine

Flight Information

Airfare to/from Portugal is not included in the base price quoted. Our 6 day Portugal group tour begins in Porto (airport code: OPO) and ends in Lisbon (airport code: LIS). We recommend landing by 4pm on the first day but you’re welcome to depart at anytime on the last day.

Additional Notes

Looking for a longer trip to Portugal? We also offer the following Portugal group tour:

6 Days vs 9 Days

This 6 day Portugal group tour runs together with our 9 day Portugal group tour. The difference between the two trips is visiting the Algarve region, which is only available on the 9 day tour. Some participants will stay for 6 days while others will stay for the (extra) 7th, 8th, and 9th days.

Is This Portugal Tour Right for You?

  • You will be doing a lot of walking on this trip oftentimes on uneven surfaces like cobblestones and up/down hills.
  • Peak tourism in Portugal occurs in July and August where the crowds can be large and, in addition, temperatures are at peak during that time of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The group leader on this Portugal group tour will be one of our U.S. or European based group leaders. His/her job is to ensure the safety and well being of everyone on the trip and, of course, to show everyone the most amazing time ever! While he/she will have a basic knowledge of the history, culture and customs of Portugal he/she may not be an expert in the matter.

A passport is required for this Portugal group tour. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity (from the time you leave Portugal) for entry. If you hold a U.S. passport you will not need a visa for entry to Portugal as long as you are not staying more than 90 days (during a 180 day period starting from the day of first entry). Please note that Portugal is a member of the Schengen area and, therefore, the 90/180 rule applies if you’ve visited other Schengen countries, too.

You will be staying in boutique, independently owned 3 star hotels for the duration of this Portugal group tour. The hotels are all clean, safe, and in central locations. In Porto you will stay in/next to the Baixa neighborhood and in Lisbon you still stay in the Baixa neighborhood.

Please note that European hotel rooms are often smaller than ones in the U.S. (with equivalent star ratings).

In order to budget properly please consider the following items which are not included in this Portugal group tour:

  • Meals: You are responsible for 3 lunches and 3 dinners. Budget around 125€ for meals not included.
  • Tipping
    • Local drivers, guides and restaurant staff: Tipping is not compulsory but can make a big difference to individuals in the local hospitality industry in Portugal. Therefore, we recommend budgeting around 50€ for these services.
    • Group leader: Tipping your group leader is completely discretionary. For outstanding service you may consider tipping your group leader ~$10/day.
  • Transportation: Airport transfers are not included. If you plan on taking the metro please budget 3€ each way. If you plan on taking a taxi please budget about 25€ each way.
  • Travel insurance: Travel insurance covering our minimum requirements ($100k+ in medical coverage including emergency evacuation) is compulsory for all participants. Budget anywhere from $50 to $130 for travel insurance (from a 3rd party) depending on your specific coverage inclusions.

The single room supplement on this Portugal group tour is $399. You will be able to select your preference for a single room supplement when filling out the application. If you are applying for this trip within 3 months of the departure please contact us for single room availability before applying.

Upon arrival in Porto you will take a taxi/metro directly to the hotel where your group leader will be waiting for you! After getting checked-in you will have free time until around 6pm upon which you will meet the group in the hotel lobby. Then you will walk to a nearby spot for dinner as you begin to get to know one another. While you will not physically meet your group mates until the evening of the first day you will be in contact with everyone well ahead of time in the group WhatsApp chat and, in addition, we will provide you with everyone’s traveler bios so you’ll already know each other a little before physically meeting!

On day 3 (in Porto) you will have the opportunity to tailor the trip to your style by selecting an optional excursion. You will be able to select the optional excursion during the application process and, after, you’ll be sent an invoice to pay.


Day 3 (Porto):

  • Douro Valley: 130€
  • Aveiro and Coimbra: 110€


You can read more about the optional excursions here.

We recommend bringing a combination of cash and credit/ATM card (assuming your credit card does not have foreign transaction fees). You will be able to use a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at many shops and restaurants in Portugal but it’s good to have a cash reserve as a backup in case the card machine is not working or if a restaurant is cash only. ATMs are readily available but withdrawal limits and transaction fees could occur.

You may bring any size luggage that you wish. Please note that you will need to carry your bag onto and off of the train.

Yes, you will have WiFi access at all the hotels and most restaurants.

You will have your fair share of nightlife options: wine and cocktail bars, lounges, dives, and clubs. The decision to go out at night or not is completely up to you!

Upon arrival in Porto you will either take the metro or a taxi to the hotel. The metro is most cost effective as it’s only 2.45€; we will provide you with detailed instructions (via your trip documents) on how to take the metro. Alternatively, you can easily take a taxi as there are always taxis queued at the airport. Further, you could also share a taxi with other participants on your trip by coordinating through the group WhatsApp chat.

Portugal Group Tour Itinerary

  • Your epic Portugal group travel tour starts today in Porto! This beautiful coastal city, home to the famous port wine and beautiful century old cobblestone streets, will be our home base for the next three nights. Oh, and it’s the cutest city ever! Today you’ll have free time to explore Porto as nothing is officially planned until this evening.


  • Tonight we’ll kick things off with our first group dinner. Prepare yourself for Portuguese food and the chance to get to know your trip mates.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Porto (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Dinner
  • What’s the best way to get to know Portugal? If you answered ‘through the stomach’ then you’re correct as we kick things off with a food tour! You’ll get to sleep in a bit before we meet in the late morning for a walking food tour around Porto! We’ll sample all the delicious Portuguese food there is by sharing petiscos (Portuguese tapas) and other traditional dishes. Don’t worry – sweets will certainly be involved.


  • After the food tour you are free to explore Porto as you wish! You could explore historical Porto by visiting sites such as the Lello library (the inspiration for Harry Potter’s library in Hogwarts), the stock exchange palace, or even climb 225 steps to the top of the Clérigos Tower for some unreal city views. Or you could continue with the food theme (there are so many hole-in-the-wall eateries and wine bars, after all).


  • Tonight we’ll meet back up and enjoy a delicious dinner together in town!


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Porto (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Activities: Food tour
  • Today is a free day in Porto! How you spend today is completely up to you – you could wander along the Douro river, see something you missed yesterday (Leilo Library for you Harry Potter fans), or opt into an optional excursion. Regardless of your decision you can’t go wrong – you’re in Portugal after all.


  • Tonight is our last in Porto so we’ll be sure to live it up with (more) delicious Portuguese food followed by cocktails after for those that wish!


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Porto (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast


Optional Excursions:

  • Douro Valley (€130)
  • Aveiro and Coimbra (€110)
  • This morning we say goodbye to Porto as we’ll take the train to the capital city, Lisbon. Lisbon, the oldest city in Western Europe, is truly a magical city with so much to do! You’ll have the remainder of the day free to grab lunch, sight-see, shop for souvenirs, or go on a quest to find the best Pasteis de Nata – a deliciously soft and sweet custard tart from Portugal.


  • Tonight we’ll meet up for dinner together in town and then, for those that wish, take in Lisbon’s lively nightlife!


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Lisbon (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transportation: Transportation from Porto hotel to train station, train from Porto to Lisbon, transportation from train station to hotel in Lisbon
  • Today you’re in for a treat as we take a day trip to explore charming Sintra and the magnificent Pena National Palace! The Palace, dating back to the Middle Ages, was finally completed in the 19th century and is truly a site to behold. We’ll have some time to explore not only the Palace but the charming village of Sintra, too. After lunch in Sintra (known for their cheesecakes) we’ll head along the coast line (making some picture worthy stops along the way) to the beautiful fishing village of Cascais: a village complete with a beautiful marina, picturesque gardens and a cute old town. Needless to say, it’s definitely worth exploring.


  • Tonight, back in Lisbon, we’ll meet up for a farewell dinner but it’s not just any farewell dinner – it’s dinner accompanied by traditional Fado music! Fado, meaning fate, dates back to the 19th century and is more than just music – it’s an emotional and immersive experience. Talk about an amazing last dinner!


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 3* hotel in Lisbon (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Activities: Day trip to Sintra, Fado experience
  • Transportation: Transportation to/from Sintra
  • Today, sadly, is our last on our Portugal group travel tour for young professionals. While you will be going home today the experience on the trip and friendships made will last a lifetime! You’re free to depart from Lisbon at any time today.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Meals: Breakfast
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