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Wed, November 8, 2023 – Sun, November 12, 2023



Thu, December 28, 2023 – Mon, January 1, 2024



Fri, March 1, 2024 – Tue, March 5, 2024



Wed, November 13, 2024 – Sun, November 17, 2024




Where We Go

Belize group travel trip map

Caye Caulker

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Places Visited

  • Island of Caye Caulker
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve


  • Snorkeling amongst unreal marine life
  • Sipping rum cocktails on a relaxing sunset cruise
  • Optional activities tailored to your style
  • Relax at the beach and soak up the Caribbean sun
  • Free time to explore Caye Caulker as you wish

Trip Inclusions

Trip Rankings

Physical Intensity
Free Time
Partying / Nightlife
Medium Low
Culture / History
Food / Cuisine

Flight Information

Airfare is not included in the price of our Belize group trip. When purchasing airfare please do so as follows:

  • Arrival: Fly into Belize City (airport code: BZE) before 2pm on the first day
  • Departure: Fly from Belize City (airport code: BZE) after 10am on the last day

Is This Belize Trip Right for You?

  • You will stay in Caye Caulker for the duration of this trip which has a resident population of about 2300 people. The island is very small but it makes for the perfect 5 day getaway.
  • Caye Caulker island life is very slow. You might need to wait for over an hour for your food at a local restaurant.
  • There is one open beach area on the island (The Split) and a second just a 5 minute boat ride away. The sand is very hard and most people relax in water cabanas or on beach chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The group leader on this Belize group trip will be one of our Americas based group leaders. His/her job is to ensure the safety and well being of everyone on the trip and, of course, to show everyone the most amazing time ever! While he/she will have a basic knowledge of the history, culture and customs of Belize he/she may not be an expert in the matter.

A passport is required for this Belize trip. It is strongly recommended that your passport have at least 6 months validity (from the time you leave Belize) to avoid any problems. If you hold a U.S. passport you will not need a visa for entry to Belize as long as you are not staying more than 30 days.

You will be staying in a very nice 2 star hotel for the duration of this trip. The hotel has modern upgrades with spacious rooms, comfortable double sized beds and kitchenettes, and is in an excellent location being just a 5 minute walk from The Split – the beach hangout area on the island of Caye Caulker. Daily room cleaning service is provided and breakfast is served across the road at a waterfront food stand. The hotel is very safe and clean!

In order to budget properly please consider the following items which are not included in this Belize group trip:

  • Meals:  You are responsible for 2 lunches and 3 dinners. Budget around $100 for meals not included.
  • Tipping
    • Local guides and restaurant staff: Tipping is not compulsory but can make a big difference to individuals in the local hospitality industry in Belize. Therefore, we recommend budgeting around $25 for these services.
    • Group leader: Tipping your group leader is completely discretionary. For outstanding service you may consider tipping your group leader ~$10/day.
    • Travel insurance: Travel insurance covering our minimum requirements ($100k+ in medical coverage including emergency evacuation) is compulsory for all participants. Budget anywhere from $50 to $130 for travel insurance (from a 3rd party) depending on your specific coverage inclusions.

The single room supplement on this Belize group travel tour is $299. You will be able to select your preference for a single room supplement when filling out the application. If you are applying for this trip within 3 months of the departure please contact us for single room availability before applying.

You group leader will be waiting for you upon your arrival in Belize City airport!  After meeting your group leader he/she will get you set up to travel (via taxi and ferry) to our hotel on Caye Caulker. After getting checked-in you will have free time until around 6pm upon which you will meet the group in the lobby of the hotel. Then you will walk to a nearby spot for drinks/dinner as you begin to get to know one another! While you will not physically meet your group mates until the evening of the first day you will be in contact with everyone well ahead of time in the group WhatsApp chat and, in addition, we will provide you with everyone’s traveler bios so you’ll already know each other a little before physically meeting!

On day 3 you will have the opportunity to tailor the trip to your style by selecting an optional excursion. You will be able to select the optional excursion during the application process.

  • Cave Tubing: $107
  • Scuba diving in the Blue Hole: $310 (scuba certification is required)
  • Windsurfing: $85 (for 2 hours)
You can also read more about the optional excursions here.

We recommend bringing cash for this trip. The USD is accepted everywhere on Caye Caulker and, in fact, the Belizean dollar (BZE) is fixed to the USD at 2 to 1 so it’s very easy to pay for everything using just USD!

You may bring any size luggage that you wish!

Yes, you will have WiFi access at the hotel and most restaurants.

We stay on the island of Caye Caulker for all 4 nights which is home to about 2300 people and, as you can imagine, doesn’t have a vast selection of nightlife venues. That said, there are indeed bars (rum punch anyone?) and a couple of places to dance (if that’s your thing) which makes it the perfect place for a chill 5 day getaway. The decision to go out at night or not is completely up to you!

A lot of time is spent on boats during this Belize trip: a ferry to/from the island (of Caye Caulker), the snorkeling day (on day 2), and the sunset cruise (on day 4). While the sea is generally calm it’s impossible to guarantee it. Therefore, if you get seasick easily this might not be the best trip for you. However, if you only get mildly sea sick we recommend consulting with your doctor to discuss possible seasick remedies such as medication or patches.

Belize Group Travel Itinerary

  • Your amazing Belize group travel trip begins today! After meeting up at the airport, we’ll make our way to Caye Caulker, an island where they live by the phrase “Go Slow.” We encourage you to use the remainder of the day to meander (slowly) around the island, get to know your fellow trip-mates, and catch some sun at The Split.


  • Tonight we’ll meet up for dinner after the sun sets to enjoy some local cuisine.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 2* Hotel in Caye Caulker (double occupancy)
  • Transportation: Transfer from airport to Caye Caulker
  • Today we’ll explore Belize’s unreal marine life by snorkeling around the Hol Chan Marine Reserve! This marine reserve is full of stunning marine life with over 300 species of fish and beautiful coral reefs. We’ll make several stops throughout our boating-filled day to swim with (friendly) nurse sharks, snorkel amongst hundreds of colorful fish and coral reefs, and hopefully even catch some sea turtles and manatees if weather is permitting! All in all it will be a truly amazing day!


  • Tonight we’ll enjoy dinner on Caye Caulker and see where the evening takes us.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 2* Hotel in Caye Caulker (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Activities: Snorkeling around Hol Chan Marine Reserve
  • Today is a free day! While a beach day is definitely a viable option, we recommend opting for one of the several activities and excursions available on the island. Those interested in a more active day could tour the Estuary Hiking Trails with an environmentalist and learn about the island’s conservation efforts while getting up close and personal with crocodiles, birds, and unique flora.


  • Tonight, we’ll meet up for dinner and, if our evening happens to conclude with drinking and dancing afterwards, so be it.


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 2* Hotel in Caye Caulker (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast


Optional Activities:

  • Cave Tubing ($107): float through the Sibun River caves and all
  • Scuba diving in the Blue Hole ($310): Three diving stops – Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, and Long Caye Wall
  • Windsurfing (~$60 for a lesson): catch some waves off the North of Caye Caulker
  • Today is yours to spend as you wish on Caye Caulker! Rent a bike and explore this tiny island (about 5 miles long and 1 mile wide) and all the cute shops and stores it has to offer. Your group leader will help you find the perfect fit for your style!


  • This evening we’ll meet up and end our Belize group travel trip in style with a sunset cruise! Delicious rum drinks, dinner, new friends, and sunset views – does it get any better than this?


Daily Inclusions:

  • Lodging: 2* Hotel in Caye Caulker (double occupancy)
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Activities: Sunset Cruise
  • Today, sadly, is your last on our Belize group travel trip for young professionals. While you will be going home today the experience on the trip and friendships made will last a lifetime! You’re free to depart from Belize City airport (BZE) after 10am today.

Daily Inclusions:

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transportation: Transfer from Caye Caulker to airport
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